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During my first trip to Europe, I stayed at the Hilton in Prague and again in Vienna.  We lived it up at the Boscolo in Budapest.  It was great!  I had all the towels and wash cloths a girl could dream of.  Emboldened by the wash cloth love in Eastern Europe, I traveled to the United Kingdom and Ireland the following year expecting the same luxuries.  I was so wrong.

My first travel fail happened during my second trip to Europe.  I was outraged to discover that no one, and I mean no one, in the United Kingdom or Ireland under the age of eighty uses wash cloths. I could not find a single wash cloth in the ten hotels in which we stayed. Say what? For several days, I had to shower using hand towels. Hand towels! Do you know how heavy water-laden hand towels are? I almost sprained my wrists trying to shower!

I eventually remedied the situation by purchasing wash cloths from Marks & Spencer in Cardiff, Wales. Then I had another problem — how to dry them quickly before moving on to the next hotel. Nothing like wet wash cloths in your luggage.  The blow dryer became my best friend.

As you can see, I’m still a little bitter about Wash Cloth-gate. My advice to you?  Take disposal wash cloths, or older wash cloths you don’t mind getting rid of, with you when you travel to other countries.  Your wrists will thank you.