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imageWe’ve all experienced it during a longer than normal trip — musty odors clinging to clothes and the inner lining of our luggage.  We want to wear an outfit but we don’t have time to air it out or wash it, and spraying on a gallon of perfume or cologne isn’t going to cut it.

An easy way to combat the stink?  Pack along dryer sheets.  You can place them strategically among your clothes on the trip to your destination.  Or, you can put a few in with your clothes and have a small stack stashed in a plastic baggie to replenish the stay-fresh smell throughout your trip.

Use dryer sheets of your choice.  You can go as basic as dollar store brands, or as high-end as organic dryer sheets.  The cheaper the brand, however, the more quickly the fresh smell will evaporate.

Whatever you choose, you will feel better and your fellow travelers’ noses will thank you for being so thoughtful.

Dryer sheet