I have, thankfully, not been a victim of thieves during my travels.  I always try to be watchful of my surroundings, pick reputable tour companies, and keep away from children traveling in packs.  To this end, I equip myself with quality travel products that make it harder for thieves to steal from me.

I lucked out when a friend tipped me off to a bag she used on a trip to Paris.  Manufactured by Swiss Travel Products, the bag comes in black and constructed of nylon.  It is both slash and water-resistant.  For 10 bucks, I had plenty of room to comfortably store  my iPad, passport, credit cards, different currencies, regular cell phone, international cell phone, inhaler, camera, pens, etc.

The bag has a single, adjustable strap so that I can wear it on my shoulder like a purse, or cross-body for more security.  It also has a handle so that I can carry it like a briefcase.  It helped me easily transition from lugging around a large purse.  The bag, however, does not actually does not look like a purse.  As a matter of fact, I have seen many men overseas using the same bag.  It looks more like a camera bag.

I’ve searched high and low for this particular brand to replace my well-worn and well-traveled bag.  Sadly, I can’t find that exact brand and bag.  I found one, offered by Swiss Gear for about $20, that most closely resembles the bag I own.  The Swiss Gear bag has special technology to thwart thieves who use wireless technology to steal credit card and passport information.  Pacsafe offers a similar product, but for much more than $10-$20.

Whether it’s a travel bag or backpack, it pays to invest in a handy carry-all that make it hard for thieves to take advantage of you.

Swiss Gear

8″ Mini Boarding Bag offered by Swiss Gear that most closely resembles my treasured day bag.