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Shut up and dance travel, let your feet just go
Who needs to think when your feet just go
Dance Travel, let your feet just go
Who needs to think when your feet just go
Shut up and dance travel*

Are you one of those people who desperately wants to travel, but you don’t because:

  • You can’t afford it
  • Don’t have enough vacation time
  • Your children are too small
  • You have no one to go with
  • You’re waiting on retirement
  • You’re waiting on Jesus to return

To you I say, “Shut up and travel!” If you have a will, I hope to inspire you to make a way.

Every Wednesday, I’ll post one of my thirty ideas to get you to just Shut Up & Travel.  It’ll be a small and painless tip, but designed to get you to do something towards getting out of the house and seeing the world.

First tip?  Subscribe to this blog so you can get your weekly encouragement, and so this can be you partying on vacation real soon:

And I’m doin my thang
Shabba dooba dabba I ain’t sayin’ a thang, right
You know we rockin’ it, man
Do it till the mornin’ and I do it again*

*Lyrics taken from the song Shut Up and Dance by Shaggy and Will.i.am, and the posting of the video which is readily available on YouTube, are displayed for illustrative and scholarly purposes only under the Fair Use Doctrine and are not meant to violate copyright laws.