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Light Bulb Moment #8 was a tip that encouraged you to invest in a theft-resistant day bag.  This week’s Light Bulb Moment gives you ideas to contemplate when shopping for such a bag.

Things to consider when purchasing a day bag:

  • Is it slash proof, meaning that the bag won’t easily give way if thieves try to sever the straps when you’re not looking?
  • Is it water-resistant?
  • Does it have a comfortable design?  Will you be able to adjust the way you carry it during a long day of sightseeing?
  • Does the design of the bag encourage, or prohibit, thieves?  Are you able to see your bag at all times, or is the fact that it’s a backpack mean that you can’t keep eyes on it at all times?
  • How many internal pockets does it have to secure valuable things like your tablet, money, and credit cards?
  • Where are the zippers located?  Would it be easy, or difficult, for a thief to unzip the bag to get at your valuables?
  • Does it come with RFID-blocking technology?

Following these tips in choosing a day bag will help you make an investment that will likely save you heartache later.