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Most people have a “bucket list”.  I suggest you make a wish list instead since most people don’t want to “kick the bucket” any sooner than they have to.  #Semantics

Make a wish list of 10 that you would like to visit.  That’s it.  No need to rank the list.  No need to break the list down into “5 year goals” or “10 year goals” or anything like that.  Just make the list.

Now, post the list somewhere you can see it easily.  If you want to keep your ideas to yourself, keep it on your phone or tablet under an impenetrable password.  If you don’t care that others know you are through with living without vacations, think about posting it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror, or on a sticky note on your computer at work.  The point is to keep it in sight so that you don’t forget that one day, you’re supposed to be going somewhere.

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