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Your task this week?  Find a travel agent.

I know.  This week I’m putting a lot of pressure on you.  Where in the world are you supposed to find a travel agent?

Start with your friends and family who travel.  Who do they use to book their trips?  Or find out the name of the one lady who helped your sister’s brother-in-law find a hotel room the time he was stuck in Tampa.  Easy.  Simple.

You can also “spy” on your friends and “friends” on Facebook.  Do they shout-out any agency in particular?  You can always call the agency and say you casually heard of their travel services.  No need for your “friend” on Facebook to know that you’re a stalker.

Another idea?  Contact AAA.  Not only does AAA provide really needed help in the event of car trouble, but it provides travel services as well.  A quick call to AAA confirmed that you do not need to be a member to book vacation packages.  However, it might be worth it to you to become a member as varying levels of membership offer better travel-related perks.

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