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I’m originally from Northeastern Ohio.  I grew up watching Neil Zurcher extol the virtues of the “one tank trip.”  Every week or so, his One Tank Trip segment would appear on a local news channel and he would educate viewers about the rich experiences that were available right in Ohio.

Neil is no longer with us.  He’s traveling on that Great Road Trip in the sky.  You may have never heard of Neil Zurcher, but I lend his advice to you in honor of his segment being the very first travel “show” I ever watched — discover the hidden gems within an hour or two of your home.  The call of the open road is exhilarating when you’ve got the whole day to do nothing but relax and see what you can discover.  And, it’s worth it if it only costs you a tank of gas.

Your homework this week?  Plan a one tank trip that you can take in the next thirty days.  For some of you, you might get it in this weekend.  For others, it may take about a month to clear your schedule so that you can fit it in.  Whatever you do, fit it in.  And don’t be afraid to take your children.

When my children were younger, I would get them up early on a Saturday morning and not tell them where we were going.  I called it a “Rise and Shine” trip.  My husband and I would tell them what to bring, but give them no other details.  It might be the movies.  It might be the zoo.  It might be a trip to another city to visit sites there.  No matter where we went, they were just happy that we went.

Let me know where you went on your one tank trip.  Did you discover something new you hadn’t known about your state?  Did you conclude that road trips aren’t good for your family because all you wanted to do was tape your spouse’s mouth shut the entire time?  I’d love to hear your stories.

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