In this week’s episode, I want you to do something simple.  Search your couch cushions, the crevices of your car, and pairs of pants you haven’t worn in a while, and find $12.  That’s about how much it costs to get your passport photo taken.  Less if you find a coupon. is your friend, by the way.

Get your haircut/hairdo all the way together, put on a nice shirt or jacket since the photo will be from the shoulders up, take said crumpled bills and change, and go get your passport photo taken.

“But, where?” you whine in frustration, as I ask you take yet another step towards going on vacation.

CVSWalgreen’s, and Rite Aid are great places to take a passport photo.  It’s a quick and easy process in those places, and there usually isn’t a long line for the passport photo desk.  Both places regularly discount passport photos if you find a coupon online or in your local paper.  Other places that offer passport photos: Costco Stores, post offices, some AAA offices, FedEx stores, and camera shops (if you can find one in your area still in business).

“But I don’t even want a passport,” you tell me as you balk at doing even this.

Take the photo anyway.  You may want a passport one day and when the time comes, you’ll at least have a photo.  No excuses.  And, it’ll be one less thing that you have to rush and do should you need to get your passport quickly because you just can’t pass up the Groupon vacation of the day.

Looking at it this another way, when you finally decide to get your passport, you’ll marvel at how young and beautiful or handsome you looked “back then”.  There is no expiration date on passport photos.  Of course, you can’t use your tenth grade homecoming picture for your passport now that you’re 30, but you get what I’m saying.

Once you take your passport photo, upload them in the comments section so we can all ooh and ahh and see how great you look.

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