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I keep secrets for a living.  No, I’m not a secret agent.  I’m a lawyer, and I have as many legal gadgets as a spy has in her high-tech aresenal.

Lawyering by day is really tough work, especially if you enjoy jury trials.  I am in court just about every morning, and am in trial approximately every six weeks.

For the last three months, my trial schedule has been really heavy.  Throw into that an office move, law firm management, raising teenagers, trying to cook and clean at home, and be a wife, and what do you get?  You can guess.

Why am I sharing this with you?  It’s because the very job that I love and that permits me to travel like I do, and living life on TEN like I’ve been doing for the last few years, have been slowly strangling my passion.  My blogging and fiction writing have suffered terribly.

I apologize you to, dear readers, for the lack of (dare I say?) hilarious and helpful material.  I endeavor to bring you more funny travel stories, and tips on traveling well, very soon.  Please be patient.

I’m working on more tips in my Shut Up & Travel and Light Bulb Moment series, stories about my adventures in other countries, and snippets from my fiction writing that I hope you’ll enjoy.

During this lull, you can always like my Facebook page WhileAwayTheHours which I try to update at least twice a week.  On Tuesdays, I post music that reminds me of my travels under the hastag #TravelTuesday.   On Thursdays, I try to inspire you to travel under the #ThursdayInspiration hashtag.  Saturdays are reserved for #SaturdayCinema — movies that I love set in other countries, or that sparked a desire to travel to a particular country.

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