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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Ancient words of wisdom attributed to Chinese philosopher Laozi.

“The legacy of a fabulous trip begins with chump change. — The realest advice given freely by Whileawaythehours.


So you want to try to travel and just expect that a wonderful, super cheap trip somewhere is going to fall into your lap?  You might win one of those vacation contests you keep entering, but probably not.

I hate going on vacation only to come home to a huge bill.  I’m an organized tour girl, so I like to pay for my trips in full (including tips and day trips when possible) before I get on the plane.  I can use credit, but have lived by the sage adage that if “you can’t pay cash for it, then you don’t need it.”

The best way to reach your travel destination without creating a huge credit card bill? Plan for it and save in advance.  That’s where the loose change comes in.

Only you know your financial situation.  You may be able to save $50 to $100 per month deliberately.  Banking the cash you save by cutting out one to two of your beloved trenta mocha lattes per week may be the path you take.  Or maybe you only give $15 out of that $50 you plan to give to charity each month, and stash the rest.  The point is, the choice us up to you.

Your goal by the end of this month?  Figure out a way to monthly save 5% towards the trip of your dreams.

Tell me how you save money for travel.