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As a professional, I have the financial burden joy of taking my suits to the dry cleaners routinely for cleaning.  I accumulate a ton of hangers, which I used to just recycle or throw away.  Not any longer.

When going on a trip that will involve swimming, or the need to wash out clothes and hang them up, I always pack hangers.  I tend to over pack, and find that I need just 3 hangers.  If you’re a minimalist packer and plan to wash every couple of days, you might need more.

I like the trouser hangers with long necks.  The flat portion of the hanger is great for hanging heavier items like wet swimsuits or shirts.  The clamps are ideal for drip drying things like compression socks and pants.  And of course you could always throw the arm of a brassiere over the loop neck of the hanger if you’re short on space.

trouser hanger

Similar in style to the hangers I prefer.